Friday, December 17, 2021

Take Three: Hawkeye

Hawkeye: Season 1, Episode 3 “Echoes” (B+)

I’m a big fan of actor Zahn McClarnon, and it’s just a shame to see him introduced at the start of this episode only to die shortly after that. This episode opened with a comprehensive overview of Maya’s origin story, showing how she managed to exert tremendous strength despite inherent disadvantages. Telling Clint that he shouldn’t be using a hearing aid because that meant he was relying too much on technology was an interesting perspective, and we got to see what Clint was like without full use of his hearing for the rest of the episode. I liked that Clint told Kate to wait for his signal but didn’t show her how to do any of the cool tricks he knew, which left her struggling to get out of the tape while he was doing cartwheels all over the room and taking out bad guys. The slo-mo arrow that cut through her bonds felt over-the-top, but things got infinitely more fantastic and entertaining when Clint had her fire all of his trick arrows without her knowing what they did. The one on the bridge was definitely coolest, and they turned out to be a great team even if they weren’t able to verbally communicate. Kate, who earlier was pleased with herself for giving a gangster solid relationship advice, talking about redesigning his costume to be more on-brand hardly seemed like the most pressing topic, and they both have plenty more to worry about now that Jack has Clint cornered with a sword.

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