Tuesday, December 7, 2021

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 11, Episode 5 “IRASSHAIMASE!” (B+)

Larry sometimes really doesn’t set himself up for success, doing things are obviously not societally acceptable and then getting upset when other people aren’t happy about them. Shouting out a phrase he wasn’t supposed to be saying was inevitably going to get him into trouble at the restaurant, and he walked right into that one by being so shocked when it was shouted that he threw soy sauce all over Freddy’s favorite shirt. Of course he would blame Freddy for loaning him his favorite shirt and refuse to do the same for him, resulting in Freddy bashing him at the funeral. Going back to eating while Hal’s father was dying was a particularly bad look, and I enjoyed that Hal, played by Rob Morrow, went to great lengths to be able to exact revenge on Larry. I loved that Sonny Saito’s restaurant host was dead set on returning the umbrella that Larry had left there to the hotel he had taken it from rather than giving it back to him, resulting in him getting soaked when he went to pick up the dress for Susie that he could have gotten when he was in her house and didn’t answer the door. It was fun to see Julie Bowen from “Modern Family” as Gabby McAfee, who didn’t have all that much to do other than get furious at Larry for blabbing about her secret when he refused to share one better than his shortcut to the valley, which is very close to a route that I’ve taken many times.

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