Wednesday, December 29, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Great

The Great: Season 2, Episode 9 “Walnut Season” (B+)

Joanna’s absence hasn’t been felt in the way that I had expected it might, but it is threatening to unravel Peter since he’s deathly afraid that he’ll reveal what he’s done at some point to Catherine, the closer they get. But secrets do have a way of coming up at exactly the wrong time, and that’s what happened when Peter was communicating that fear to Elizabeth and accidentally told her that he had seen his mother drown her son. Fortunately, Elizabeth just sought to care for Paul as if he was her son rather than to exact some sort of revenge on him, and Catherine and Peter became much closer on the ride to get him. Seeing how Peter dealt with the bandits was entertaining, and he really does know how to handle himself and to care for his son. Georgina’s return threw Grigor for a loop, and it was also bad timing given that Marial happened to need a husband when her nephew returned to reclaim his rightful place as head of her family. After humorously discounting a handful of prospective husbands for ridiculous reasons, she found her own solution, which doesn’t seem very practical but may actually work. Archie definitely isn’t doing a great job of controlling his desires, but at least he’s trying to get creative about how and where to act on them. I’m not ready for the final episode of the season just yet, and I certainly hope that this show returns for a third run.

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