Friday, December 17, 2021

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 11, Episode 6 “Man Fights Tiny Woman” (B+)

Only Larry could make it such a big thing that he didn’t want a female driver carrying his bags that he would end up having to stand by while she schlepped all of his stuff so that everyone did in fact cringe watching it. I wasn’t sure what role Seth Rogen was going to play as himself, and it turned out to be a perfectly standard and entertaining one which enabled him to affirm that he might understand some of what Larry was saying but that he definitely shouldn’t go around saying any of it. I also enjoyed the guest spot from Josh Gad as a chiropractor whose underwear was rattier and more unpleasant than Larry’s towels, and I like that Larry pressed him to be honest and then ended up getting him converted to Jews for Jesus when he sent his obnoxious employee there because he knew there would be no wait. The roofer being overweight was a typically awkward development that Larry and Leon made much worse by wincing every time they thought of him up on the roof, and Leon’s desire to get his charger back led to quite the damage that probably could have been prevented. Larry getting the treatment he deserves from his best friends has been the most worthwhile part of this season, first from Jeff who refused to have his cord unplugged at the restaurant and then from Freddy who had no desire to offer him reminders when he was then blamed for the consequences of not doing so.

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