Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I’m Watching: Elementary

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 17 “Possibility Two” (B+)

I love the rapport that is now being developed between Sherlock and Watson as he tries to train her to be a detective, something which she isn’t resistant to, if only a little less enthusiastic about being constantly tested. Her visits to the dry cleaners were particularly entertaining, and I like that Sherlock refused to acknowledge to her that he was in fact testing her at all. I love that Watson swiped a pen and that Sherlock stole a comb and then gave Watson a hard time for not carrying an evidence bag with her. Dividing up the household errands and chores seemed somewhat unfair, but it looks like Watson is proving herself just fine, and I like that their dynamic is being transformed without the impending threat of her leaving her job. It’s always a blast when a detective like Sherlock has to find proof that someone has been artificially given dementia, and the conclusion in this case was quite interesting. It’s nice to find a layered narrative where there’s more than one killer and more than one crime, and they might not actually even be connected. Sherlock does have his own style, and repeatedly texting both Gregson and Bell before shouting his thoughts aloud while they were in the middle of an interrogation to tell them that their suspect was in fact innocent was a perfect example of his signature style. While I’m sure they aren’t all for Watson’s input, it’s a refreshing dose of humanity mixed in with scientific observation.

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