Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 4, Episode 5 “Kin” (B+)

This episode was full of notable guest stars, and I heartily enjoyed every one. Stephen Tobolowsky’s corrupt fed Jeremy Barkley didn’t fare so well, earning a bullet in the head from Theo Tonin’s frightening disciple Nick Augstine, played by Mike O’Malley in a role far less friendly than that of Burt Hummel on “Glee.” Gerald McRaney’s Josiah was in for a brutal car ride courtesy of Raylan, but he brought that on himself by being uncooperative and not telling Raylan what he needed to know, and losing his feet is definitely a worse punishment from someone on the wrong side of the law. Patton Oswalt, returning from the season premiere, was once again excellent as the constable Bob. Bonita Friedericy, who I recognize as General Beckman from “Chuck,” was great as Mary, the saving grace for Raylan and Boyd, who were otherwise quite doomed after they found themselves in a pit together. Their reunion was fantastic, but not quite as much as the conversation that went on between Tim and Colton at the bottom of the mountain while they were waiting for their associates. Boyd paying Arlo’s attorney to ensure that his deal doesn’t go through is an intriguing move, and it’s beginning to become slightly clearer where this season might be headed. Johnny still going through on his deal with Wynn is bad news for Boyd, but I suspect that it won’t pan out. Boyd should much more fear that Shelby is going to be the one to take him down with some crucial help from Ellen May.

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