Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I’m Watching: Vegas

Vegas: Season 1, Episode 14 “The Third Man” (B)

It could have been so easy for Jack to stick around after shooting Johnny to show both his brother and his girlfriend that he was being tortured and that he shot his assailant in self-defense. Instead, Jack’s decision to flee the scene and keep the truth from everyone, mainly to protect his relationship with Mia, which would likely end if she knew what had happened, is going to put everyone on edge and have certifiably adverse effects for all involved. I could have predicted that Mia would swear vengeance on her father’s murderer, and I doubt that Jack will have the opportunity to tell her that it was because he was protecting her that he got himself in trouble. Sharing a major secret like this with Vincent should prove helpful in unexpected ways, and I hope to see that forced relationship turn into something more positive and beneficial for both of them. Katherine threatening to out Laura as an informant if Vincent didn’t cooperate was harsh, and it’s a clear sign that she’s tired of dealing with business as usual in Vegas. This is now the second time in a few weeks that Dixon has had to go undercover for some hugely desirable assignment, and he does get quite pouty and annoyed when Ralph tries to step in to distance him from a case in which he’s become too ingrained. While Jack is in serious trouble, everything on that front worked out well, and Dixon was able to help his friend out of a tight spot.

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