Thursday, February 7, 2013

What I’m Watching: Enlightened

Enlightened: Season 2, Episode 4 “Follow Me” (B+)

Plunging right back into Amy’s storyline without addressing Levi’s half-hour from last week at all, this episode moved the plot forward in a major, awesome way. Dougie was truly furious at Amy in a way that he hasn’t been before, singling her out for her frequent whispering with Tyler, and it seemed like things were going to blow up and get really bad for everyone. Asking Tyler to find e-mails that would turn Dougie turned out to be just the right move, and he was truly devastated to see what had been written and said about him. Having him on Amy’s side is going to be an enormous boon to her mission, and I can’t wait to see the revolution progress. Amy’s Twitter startup is invigorating but highly awkward, as she hovers around people and forces them to start following her. Surprisingly, Amy’s visit to the hospital to see Krista was remarkably calm, and Krista even seemed to receive her somewhat warmly, put off only by the fact that Amy couldn’t tell her what it was that she was so excited to be working on. Introducing herself to James Rebhorn’s CEO was an intriguing if inadvisable strategic move, and I’m sure he’ll soon have Amy on his radar. Jeff inviting Amy to the event with Roberta showed her a snapshot of what her world could be like, and while she’s likely too self-involved and naïve to get to that place, she really does fit in so well with the idealism and energy of those who have successfully achieved the change she so desperately wants to make happen.

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