Monday, February 25, 2013

What I’m Watching: Vegas

Vegas: Season 1, Episode 15 “Two of a Kind” (B)

There are some things this show does very well, and being visually stylized is one of them. The sequence of the handoffs leading to the plane arrest was smooth and exciting. Business isn’t looking too good for Vincent, and that’s a shame, considering it means that Jack has now been called upon to do illegal things for him in exchange for Vincent not telling either Ralph or Mia about his involvement in Johnny’s death. Fortunately, the charade didn’t last long, and though Mia is not likely to forgive Jack anytime soon, Ralph seems to be supportive of him. He did manage to figure it out by himself, something for which he deserves credit, but investing his time into his work has led to the potential loss of his crush, Katherine, to the visiting FBI agent. The case of one man living two lives is nothing new, but it was a decent focus for this episode. I’m less impressed with everything involving Dixon, who often feels like a fish out of water on this show. Anna Camp has had much better parts in the past than she did in this episode as diva starlet Violet Mills, and Dixon should really have better things to do than look after her. The same goes for Enver Gjokaj, who showed tremendous range as Victor on “Dollhouse” and just doesn’t have the same opportunity here. Why is Sarah Jones the only one able to take advantage of this show to make it her best TV role yet?

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