Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Following

The Following: Season 1, Episodes 4 and 5 “Mad Love” and “The Siege” (B)

I’m less and less impressed with the way this show is playing out, not so much because of the events themselves but rather their speed and the conversations that go on around them. The love triangle between Emma, Paul, and Jacob is the most notable example of these symptoms, since the dialogue related to their threesome troubles is particularly unimpressive and the obsession with Jacob never having killed is fairly one-note, especially because it’s clear that he’s going to continue to fail to do so, no matter how many times Emma and Paul stab poor Megan and put her back in the basement. Her assurance of “It’s only a flesh wound” was so unintentionally humorous, and it’s a sign that this show isn’t quite achieving the tone it wants to. The rapid-fire flashbacks are a bit nauseating, and it’s hardly the most effective way to relay something like lawyer Olivia losing two of her fingers and now doing all of Joe’s bidding. It’s hardly a fitting follow-up role for actress Renee Goldsberry after her ongoing stint as Assistant State’s Attorney Geneva Pine on “The Good Wife.” To his credit, Joey did a commendable job of realizing his situation and trying to get away, though it did cost one older couple their lives. Claire trying to slip away from her police escort to meet Charlie, portrayed by Josh Brolin lookalike and “Suits” recurring guest actor Tom Lipinski, was silly, and it seems like things are coming to a head now after just five episodes, which begs the question, where will the show head next? I don’t plan to give up just yet, but I can tell this show may not be headed towards greater quality.

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