Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 9, Episodes 13 and 14 “Junior Salesman” and “Vandalism” (C+)

I’m getting tired of subpar Thursday night NBC comedies preempting my beloved “Parks and Recreation.” This hour followed the series finale of a long-running show that started a year after it did, and it’s about time this show closed up shop too. It’s understandable that a new character like Clark should need something to do, but does he really have to spend an entire episode jumping through hoops so that Dwight couldn’t hire one of his friends? I don’t like when Dwight changes his personality so extremely, and having him hide between Jim to inform his friends that he wasn’t hiring any of them was unfortunate. Pam asking Dwight if he wanted to prank Clark was much better, and even the horrifying sight of Dwight wrapping plastic around Clark’s head was more in line with his character’s typical tendencies. Pam’s mural being defaced was terrible, and it seemed a silly reason to bring Brad William Henke in after his masterful “Justified” turn for such a worthless part. Without much addressing Jim’s actions at the end of last episode, he’s suddenly asking David Wallace to invest in his company and proving himself to be a slob to his new roommate Darryl. I liked that we saw a bit of the documentary crew at the end of last week, but having them appear so many times again is going too far. Oscar and Angela’s awkward party was generally unfulfilling, but for Kevin’s remark to the Senator about how he wasn’t a nice person. Let’s hope for some more creative plotlines before this show goes dark for good.

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