Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 2, Episode 16 “Table 34” (B)

This was hardly the best episode to follow up last week’s awesome installment, and I think this show can do and has done better than Schmidt wearing a turban and crashing an Indian marriage convention. That said, it was a funny half-hour, thanks in part to the unusual pairing of Nick and Cece as unaccomplished people relegated to Table 34 due to their lack of advanced degrees and part-time employment. However bad it is for them and whether or not it will last, it’s still terrific to see Schmidt and Cece reunited, thanks to Schmidt’s grand gesture of telling the whole room that they were missing out by not going over to her. Nick trying to get Jess to be okay with the kiss failed, and, after everything they’ve gleefully made it through, like the circumstances that were supposed to lead to the kiss and the switching that occurred while they were on vacation at Sam’s boss’ cabin, hearing about Jess’ kiss with Nick was too much for him, ending that relationship. It was sweet to see Nick try to get on Jess’ good side again, something he seemed to manage. That was one layered hug that they had, complete with screaming eyes telling so much more of a story. I’d rather not address Winston’s plotline in this episode, which was a far cry from last week’s success story, and an embarrassment to an otherwise decent episode that actually worked, for the most part, despite not having the most grounded focus.

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