Friday, August 12, 2016

What I’m Watching: Casual

Casual: Season 2, Episode 11 “Death and Taxes” (B+)

I loved the start of this episode, showing the most underrated character, Leon, enjoying a healthy night out with some friends other than Alex and then chatting up the woman who was staring at him all night. Watching their relationship blossom and then fizzle out was pretty beautiful, and then of course he showed up at Alex’s home only to have the selfish screwup focus only on himself and not ask how his good buddy Leon had been doing in the time since they’d last seen each other. Alex is doing a remarkable job of alienating everyone in his life, and now he’s literally begging for therapy. Having him talk to Jennifer is really interesting since she has no desire to speak to him and had no qualms about being harsh in her analysis of his behavior. I enjoyed seeing Valerie have the chance to bond with Drew after they casually stalked her abused patient and connected over a rare opportunity to be completely and totally honest with each other. Their conversation about intimacy being illicit was obviously leading to that kiss, which was ready to lead them both down a very destructive path. I wondered how long it would take Laura to realize the seriousness of her situation, and to comprehend that she can take as many selfies with Spencer in a coffin as she wants, but in the end he’s going to die and she’s going to be left all alone. This show balances its comedy and drama well, and this was the first real pang of sadness and harbinger of devastation to come.

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