Saturday, August 27, 2016

What I’m Watching: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll: Season 2, Episode 9 “Rolling in the Deep” (B+)

Right before I watched this episode, I was deciding a few of my AFT Awards categories to be posted soon and (spoiler alert) Callie Thorne is my winner for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, and therefore it’s a real treat to have her back again to help close out this season of the show. She and Johnny sure are feeling cozy, and they’re not mincing any words when it comes to filling their daughter in on all their sexual interactions. She hasn’t set a great precedent of boundaries with Ava, but walking in on her mom pretending to be looking for something on the floor by her dad’s feet was undeniably awkward. Like on “Rescue Me,” Thorne’s character is a whole lot of crazy, proclaiming that she’s in love with Johnny when he very vocally denies that it’s anything serious like that. Ava and Flash were rightly suspicious of her motives, but having someone to throw money at a problem and sponsor a recording session when every member of the band is at everyone else’s throats may actually be the most productive thing right now. In the latest “Feast” drama, it turns out that Campbell isn’t the principled artist he claimed to be, and now Rehab is back on top with a creator credit and plenty of liberty to pursue his photography. Bam Bam breaking his camera was an unfortunate development that wasn’t entirely unwarranted, and it was just one of the many humorous infantile interactions that took place at the end of the episode, paving the way for a tempestuous and surely entertaining season finale.

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