Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 4, Episode 6 “Fish and Bird” (B+)

This was a pretty intense episode, showing the man in control of it all at his breaking point. Watching his drinking affect Bunchy and encourage him to pick up a bottle was especially upsetting. Ray accompanying Sonia to a function for breast cancer research helped him learn a surprising truth – that Sonia has cancer – and then led to a visually astounding and powerful scene in which Sonia showed herself to Ray with projections flickering across the ceiling. It was unnerving to see Stu and Ashley at the same event Ray was at with Sonia, and to discover that they know each other too, since it feels like this inescapable circle that Ray has found himself in is so far away from the world he used to be able to fully control. Ashley’s desire to put out a sex tape was far more understandable than Stu’s eagerness and pride in helping her make and distribute it. Ray driving drunk to Belikov’s was a bad idea from the start, and his decision to start choking him to death before shooting him in the head didn’t show the best judgment. As if Ray wasn’t headed down a dark enough path, Connor is all about showing off his gun, and he’s bringing Terry’s new protégé Damon down with him. On the lighter side, it was fun to see Mickey trying to convince an unimpressed audience that he singlehandedly took down everyone despite numerous holes in his story. Maybe now that Belikov is dead, Mickey might be able to be released, but that would be contingent on Ray keeping his murder of Sonia’s number one mover under wraps.

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