Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 2, Episode 7 “She’s One of Them Now” (B+)

I enjoyed this episode because it veered more towards science fiction than just ships in space with not one but two important focuses. The first is the return of the clone transport technology where users can remain safe from harm while projected clones run headfirst into dangerous situations but need to make sure that they choose their own exit to keep any of the memories of their clones. The second is the introduction of this drive with jump technology that makes fuel, distance, and time no object. That technology didn’t end up working too well, and I’m curious to see what has become of our crew and where they ended up. After Nyx and Devon started to bond following Devon’s confession of accidentally letting a little girl die while he was high, they were set to be looking out for each other, and it appears that Devon died for doing just that when Nyx’s predictor friends came looking for her. This show’s body count is rising, and given how easily series regular One was dismissed, I can’t imagine that Devon is going to survive being stabbed. On a lighter note, I enjoyed seeing Five take the lead on this particular mission, telling Three to make himself useful by passing her the conveniently-placed cookies that didn’t seem to have any adverse or malicious effects on her. The Android repeatedly commenting on the snugness of Three’s outfit was hilarious, as was Five’s reaction to Three being open to the idea of climbing into the pod naked.

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