Monday, August 22, 2016

What I’m Watching: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll: Season 2, Episode 8 “Ghosts of Skibbereen” (B+)

Johnny managed to take the high road for a good portion of this episode, but the moment that he saw Ava and Flash together, he lost all sense of composure and reverted completely to the selfish and immature child that he is inside. Gigi also did her best to move on, pursuing her relationship with Davvy in a more serious way, and the idea to set Johnny up with a 26-year-old probably wasn’t too well thought-out from the start. The biggest issue wasn’t her age or her physical features but rather her embodiment of everything that Johnny is against, namely antique instruments and recreations of music scenes from the 1800s, but also her immediate identification of his hairstyle. That Davvy and his date ended up together was ironic and also inevitable, showing that Gigi and Johnny can try to act as if they’ve moved on when it’s very clear that their newfound romances are just shams, while Ava’s appreciation of Flash’s property might be more substantial and enduring. I love that Campbell, seconds from going on stage to perform, proudly recognized Johnny as Willem Dafoe and wouldn’t stand for Johnny’s insistence that he wasn’t actually Willem. “Feast” was quite the production, and eating tree bark and elderberries for weeks to mimic food availability during the time in which the play was set seemed like a miserable ordeal. Bam Bam’s casual reveal of his flavored pretzels was pretty entertaining. This may be the last we see of “Feast” but something tells me that Bam Bam will remain a changed man and his future, coupled with Rehab’s, is far from set.

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