Monday, August 1, 2016

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 2, Episode 5 “We Voted Not to Space You” (B+)

It seems that every episode of this season is going to involve the newly expanded crew of the Raza fleeing from a new enemy and barely evading capture and certain death. What’s interesting is how they’re making their way through those enemies, first with the Android killing the GA personnel at Five’s command and now with Two shooting the real Jace Corso after he played a card that should have spared his life to help her climb higher up the chain. I hadn’t expected to see Jace so soon since Marc Bendavid left the show, but I guess he was up for one last guest spot to close out the other character he created. It’s enticing and entertaining to see the Android acting human in a bar, as the upgrade is making her much more reckless, to the point that she pretty much crash-landed the ship to avoid detection while she refused to spout specific statistics that would make the other crew members nervous. The projection showing up to tell her that her programming was flawed even before the upgrade and that she has become a danger to those on board is disconcerting, and her refusal to acknowledge it means that she’s well aware of what is happening. Hopefully, Four sparing Chief Inspector Kierken’s life when he easily could have killed him will help to show the good guys at the GA that this crew isn’t all bad. I’m intrigued by Nyx’s super hearing, and I’m eager to know what other surprises she is hiding.

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