Friday, August 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot: Season 2, Episode 5 “eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc” (B+)

I remember thinking recently that Angela was such a separate part of the storyline at this point that she was no longer interacting with any of the other characters. Her steely standoff with Darlene was a far cry from the first moment that it became clear that they knew each other, and Angela has become much more hardened since then. Darlene is rightfully concerned about the level of knowledge the FBI seems to have, and her worries were confirmed when Angela met with the man who knew what she had done and who immediately tried to record her admitting to it for nefarious purposes. I liked that we got to see Angela, Darlene, and Elliot all in the same room talking like people, and that Elliot didn’t hide the fact that he saw his dead father standing right there behind her. I love that we’re getting to know Dom, which apparently she likes being called, more and more, as she let her curiosity get the best of her on her work trip to China and opened up to a powerful stranger about her personal past. She isn’t shy about bringing up difficult topics like the Dark Army and bluntly demanding answers, and that has already gotten her into big trouble. Interestingly, she’s very much like Darlene in a lot of ways, but they’re on different sides of the law even if their ultimate worldviews and aims in life are actually quite similar. I really hope we get to see them meet – I suspect Angela and Elliot will have that opportunity first.

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