Sunday, August 7, 2016

What I’m Watching: House of Cards

House of Cards: Season 4, Episode 11 “Chapter 50” (B+)

Now that the Underwood-Underwood ticket has officially been confirmed, it’s back to war for the newly united couple, and there are plenty of things from their past coming up to try to stop them in their tracks. The most poignant moment was when Freddy stopped by to tell Frank that he was going to be leaving. Reg E. Cathey won an Emmy last year for this guest spot, and he’s deservedly nominated again this year for a furious performance as someone who can never be seen as anything but the help, not at all pleased that Frank’s first thought was to have him cook ribs for them rather than celebrating as an equal. That anger didn’t mean that he was ready to give Tom dirt on his former employer and patron, and instead the prime source of information for the increasingly dogged and productive Tom is Remy. Only on this show can a game of never-have-I-ever seem so soapily dramatic and still work so well, and I’m sure that Frank would eviscerate Remy if he ever learned of this ultimate betrayal. The other Tom was getting very close to Claire in a way that Frank seemed to be pleased about since he didn’t have that physical connection with his wife, and his insistence on it continuing after Tom and Claire had ended it was intriguing. Frank being too weak to travel definitely complicates things, and that makes Tom being there all the more helpful for Claire. Doug getting the message from the dead man’s wife thanking him for his donation was the first sign of him unraveling, and Seth defying him didn’t help at all.

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