Sunday, August 7, 2016

What I’m Watching: Daredevil

Daredevil: Season 2, Episode 11 “.380” (B)

It’s no surprise that the two major plotlines are starting to converge, with Matt’s investigation into the people he used to know and their operations in Hell’s Kitchen tying in directly with the Blacksmith, who is now the object of Frank’s pursuit. I’m all for the conversations that Frank is having with a baseball cap on in the diner with Karen, telling her that he is well aware that she loves Matt despite her many protestations. I like that the two of them challenge each other and that they can actually debate things, including the merits of having a partner who you can get that passionate about. Transitioning from that into a pre-staged gun battle was a firm reminder that Frank can’t live a normal life, and that the fight is far from over. That also helped paved the way for the latest interaction between Daredevil and Frank in which Frank responded to the assertion that “Maybe just this once, your way is what it’s going to take” with the hard truth that it doesn’t work that way. Elektra finding Stick ties in to the plot in some way, but I’m going to need that part to be wrapped up soon if I’m going to maintain interest. I’m glad to see that Claire didn’t go quietly and instead quit her job after the board refused to even acknowledge that a colleague was murdered in front of her so that they could instead accept the hush money from an anonymous donor. I’m not sure how she’ll continue to play into the storyline, but I think she’s a great character who really belongs in this show’s universe.

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