Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pilot Review: The Collection

The Collection (Netflix)
Premiered February 10

Fashion is, in many ways, something timeless. Even though the fashion of the current moment is always changing, the obsession with what people wear and how fancy it is dates back centuries. As a result, there are many films and television shows made about the people behind famous fashion lines both before and while they are at the height of their fame. To some, such premises are extremely interesting, and even to those who might not typically find such things appealing, if the story is intriguing enough, it can work well. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. The setting should present a dated Parisian appeal, but instead it’s just one of the many reasons that this show is far from lively and enticing. I recognized a few cast members and found that as my only way to stay focused during this initial hour that felt like it lasted forever. Richard Coyle is familiar to me from his roles in the film “5 Days of War” and the TV show “Covert Affairs,” and while he’s a good actor, it’s not the most dynamic role. I’m always fond of Mamie Gummer, from “The Good Wife” and “Emily Owens, M.D.” and she seems like the most positive contributor here, along with Frances de la Tour from “The History Boys” and so much more in a part that’s perfect for her. There were a few twists and turns along the way in this pilot, but not one of them was anywhere near enthralling or engaging enough to convince me that this show is worth any more of my time in my collection of weekly series.

How will it work as a series? This global production is billed as an eight-part series, and so I’m sure they’ll be plenty of betrayal, drama, and intrigue - as promised by the show’s summary - over the course of the next seven hours. If this first one is any indication, I don’t think any of it will be all that interesting or worthwhile.
How long will it last? I’m not finding many reviews - and, of course, no ratings data - about how this show has gone over with others, but the few snippets I am seeing are all mostly negative, just like my take. I think that this show might be more popular abroad, but I still think that it will probably remain as was originally intended and not be commissioned for any more designs past its initial order.

Pilot grade: D-

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