Thursday, February 9, 2017

Round Two: 24: Legacy

24: Legacy: Season 1, Episode 2 “1:00pm-2:00pm” (D-)

Has nobody learned from years of existence and secrets being spilled that whispering to someone without thinking that the person you’re talking about might hear you is a terrible plan? That happened on at least two separate instances in this episode, resulting in Nicole being put in danger because Isaac’s girlfriend is jealous and wants to set him up to get killed, and the student-teacher couple had to kill a snooping kid because they couldn’t find a closet in which to have some fun. I forgot to mention a few unfortunate things about the pilot episode of this show from Sunday night, namely that it’s completely dumb that Ben thinks that his only option is to sell the list either to the United States government or to the terrorists, so those are obviously the people who would pay the most for it, not, say, a news outlet trying to break a big story. This is “24,” of course, and so Eric doesn’t even have half an hour to wait, though he did have the gall to ask for a forty-five-minute extension after his police station heist didn’t go as planned (because that was a great idea in the first place). You’d think that his drug dealer brother would be able to provide a small sum of cash given the manpower he is, but of course it’s been a bad year and he’s strapped for cash. As if the future president being married to a now criminal former CTU director wasn’t problematic enough for PR, it turns out his campaign manager might actually be (but probably isn’t) the very traitor who used Rebecca’s access code to get Eric’s team killed. Keith didn’t even try not to give up his own access code, so you’d think that Rebecca could have trusted him to avoid ending up in the very situation she’s now created for Eric, who I’m sure will find some impossible way to get himself out of this situation.

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