Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Fury” (B+)

I liked the introduction to this episode with Taylor pulling a woman over to have sex with her, a precursor event to his needing to vacuum out his car, leading to the license literally getting stuck to the vacuum at just the moment that Pete called him to try to find the best way to be able to get his license back. Flattening his tire was a smart move, but it seems that Taylor has plenty of baggage, namely a liquor-inspired temper that led him to start beating up one of the guys he tried to blame for his flat tire. I’m very happy to see underrated actor Kevin Chapman from “Person of Interest” as Taylor’s cop friend Bo who stepped in to help cover up what happened and then pulled Pete away from his safe-cracking job. Otto asking Pete to help him get into the safe seemed like a truly easy solution, but it seems that there’s much more going on here, namely whatever Audrey is panicking about which caused her to empty the safe. I like that Carly’s response to Pete pickpocketing her was to ask him to teach her how to do it, and his refusal to indulge her is only going to help pique her suspicions. I’m impressed that Bagwell didn’t even consider giving in to Frank’s attempt to get information on Marius, and hopefully he’ll be able to tell that something is up and look out for his devious parolee in whatever way he can. After Pete insisted that Vince is a dangerous man but that he’s not crazy, Bryan Cranston quietly chewed scenery for the entirety of his extended speech at the end of the episode, ending it by forcing his henchman to cut off Eddie’s toes as Pete did the only thing he could – tell his brother a story to distract him from something that he couldn’t stop from happening.

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