Saturday, February 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: Humans (Season Premiere)

Humans: Season 2, Episode 1 (B+)

In its absence, I had forgotten how much I like this show, which wrapped its second season run in the UK in December. It’s such a distinctly British show, yet there are even more Americans – and other foreigners – aboard now that we’re entering into some new territory and new plotlines. I’m so happy that Niska is being featured so prominently since I’ve always found her to be the best character, and seeing her experience a relationship for the first time was fascinating. She had no problems with the fact that it was with a woman, but more so because it was with a human and it made her start to feel. Her question about whether life wants to be created was fantastic. Seeing a few random synths wake up was enormously interesting, and it’s clear that the right to be more than you’re meant to be is going to be the major theme in this season. I like the addition of Carrie-Anne Moss’ brilliant scientific mind, who is no-nonsense but is also keeping a few secrets of her own. Joe getting laid off (or made redundant, as they say in England) isn’t too consequential, but it is important that the whole family is united. Niska showing up to face trial as a human is an intriguing twist, and while I can’t imagine it’s going to go too well, I’m definitely ready and excited to see how it all plays out and what happens in the run-up to something that a lot of people – and maybe even a few synths – won’t like.

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