Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 4 “A Flash of Light” (C+)

It continues to be surprising how willing this show is to kill off its characters early in the season, starting with Sandy and Aayan in season four. Sekou seemed like an important player in this season, yet apparently it’s enough for him to be framed and arrested, released from custody thanks to some manipulative strong-arming by Carrie, and then purposely disregard the conditions of his release by recording another video in which he outed an FBI informant before getting himself blown up in a very similar move to what happened at the end of season two with Brody being set up as the bomber. It’s an unfortunate development, and one that came as one of only two interesting moments in this entire hour. The other notable scene involved the unexpected reappearance of Majid, a despicable character we haven’t seen since season three after he ascended to a position of power in Iran and then did nothing to prevent Brody’s execution. Saul making him come to Israel to meet him was risky, and he got found out pretty quickly not just by his sister but also by his old pal Etai. It’s irritating to me that Quinn is acting crazy but, like Carrie before him, he’s actually on to something, and I wish that either he would snap back to normal or would be killed off as a regular character since he’s contributing nothing useful to the story. Dar showing up at Franny’s school to have a chat with Carrie was ominous, and it’s a good thing that she’s not backing down, though what President-Elect Keane is asking is quite a big deal.

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