Thursday, February 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 10 “We Can Be Heroes” (B+)

This show is reaching an interesting place that many other series with superheroes as their protagonists have visited, and that’s when those without powers try to act invincible and get told that they really shouldn’t try to be so heroic by those with the powers. It was inevitable that James’ double identity as the Guardian would be revealed eventually, and for Kara to discover it when he got knocked out trying to save the day was hardly the big reveal he had wanted – or dreaded. Having Mon-El show up without much of a clue and back Kara up in a way that wasn’t exactly what she needed didn’t help matters at all, and it’s a good thing that, by the end of the episode, things seemed to be much more on track between Kara and James, who can now be part of a crime-fighting team that can use a non-alien every once in a while. Livewire getting captured and exploited for her powers was another intriguing subplot, since this now puts Supergirl on par with the Flash, letting certain bad guys go and get a head start because she can appreciate that she’s not the worst criminal out there, and the generosity she shows her might in fact make her a better person, a la Leonard Snart. It’s good that Hank has now bonded with Megan, though the impending arrival of the White Martians is not promising news. Among the more entertaining lines of the hour were Mon-El’s question, “What’s a shark tank?” and Maggie forcing Alex to try vegan ice cream as the consequence of losing a bet.

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