Monday, February 6, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 12 “Best Waxing Grocery Rental” (B-)

These vignettes weren’t too sophisticated, but I guess that they at least track with what we know about all of these characters. Greg wanting so badly to be Matt’s best man led to the accidental revelation that Matt hadn’t asked him to fill that role because they were planning to elope, something he should have realized would become known to the entire family as soon as he shared it with one of them. Colleen’s obsession with getting credit for the waxing referral was a callback to her love of all things cheap, and while Jen and Heather have both been known to be intense in their own ways, she did that even more in this installment thanks to her strong need to save money. Heather was far from subtle, something that Jen excels at since she isn’t too fond of human interaction. Sophia yearning to be an adult and be allowed to cross the street was entertaining, and Joan trying to let her grow up didn’t play out so well, particularly when one of Heather’s colleagues made sure to capture the whole thing on video so that she could have embarrassing ammunition against someone she felt wasn’t a good mom. I feel like we haven’t seen Tyler and Clementine in a while, and the ridiculous, totally not self-aware lives that they lead are good for some harmless fun. Tyler feeling like he needed a divorce because she wasn’t spending all of her time at home in their tiny little house was absurd, though, much to the dismay-turned-hope that her rental car colleagues expressed, he did manage to end up with a woman way out of his league but apparently of very similar intelligence.

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