Friday, February 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 15 “Glue” (B-)

This episode was the epitome of what this show is like right now, well-intentioned and not all that poorly conceived but hardly executed in the most productive manner. Nick writing his novel has been one of the most long-standing plotlines on this show, something that was never really headed anywhere since he’s not the most motivated person and gets caught up in ridiculous things like being told that Schmidt had no notes for him. It’s big news that he sent it in to a publisher, and naturally he would react in a totally inappropriate way to his first rejection letter, shutting down his emotions, retreating inside himself, and going for a run. Jess’ ability to be able to read him was impressive, but it was Reagan’s enterprising nature that got him a place to sell his book and even read some of it. Jess was on the right track trying to help him make the books, but she should have used a less potent clue. It’s no surprise that Winston’s proposal would be an absurd, drawn-out affair, but having Aly go paint Schmidt and Cece’s house when he knows they’re such perfectionists was hardly the best plan, particularly because she all too freely admitted that she had suspected there were problems in their marriage. It’s probably a better solution to have Schmidt and Cece outright tell Aly that they’re distracting her in preparation for a prank or romantic gesture going forward, because this proposal is going to take a while.

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