Monday, February 13, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 12 “Chef Rescue Necklace Negotiation” (B)

This episode was full of guest stars, with one notable and reputable TV comedian per segment. First, we had Molly Shannon in a humorous role as a very troubled chef who was a great cook for Greg and Jen’s Valentine Day dinner but had a tendency to overshare and then made a memorable entrance by walking straight through a glass door to offer them dessert. Then, it was Angela Kinsey from “The Office” in a perfect role for her that found her adhering very strictly to the procedures for a couple to adopt a dog, had the audacity to suggest that Matt and Colleen weren’t going to last, and then had the last laugh – though she was far from amused – when they lost the dog within minutes of bringing him home. We saw Gillian Vigman from “Sons of Daughters” once before in a season one episode as mom Tabitha, and here she was extremely angry and judgmental, apparently for good reason given Sophia did in fact steal the necklace. Last up was Leslie David Baker, best known as Stanley from “The Office,” as a car salesman who didn’t want to sell the car that John wanted to buy but ended up just being sentimental – and apparently divorced from the Shannon’s chef, a cool and subtle twist. It was a sweet way to tie things together, and I think mentioning these guest stars and framing my review around them is the most fitting way to pay tribute to a decent if hardly noteworthy episode.

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