Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 3 “The Covenant” (C+)

There was a point, early in this show’s third season, when it was flailing and starting to get bad, so far removed from the original intrigue that made its first two seasons so fantastic. Now, after a few not-so-great attempts to redirect it, it’s calmed down considerably. The problem is, it’s just dull now. There’s not enough going on, and what we do have is Carrie interfering in a case in a way that manages to get her client, who is suddenly interested in taking a seven-year prison sentence, put on track to get at least fifteen years thanks to her meddling. This should come as no surprise to Carrie, who has always crossed the line in an attempt to get answers she knows are there, but the bigger thing is that it’s so completely and immediately obvious that Sekou has been framed for a crime he wasn’t even thinking about committing, and somehow he’s still set to get sent to prison for more than a decade? Dar is spending all his time installing surveillance equipment to confirm that Carrie is indeed advising the president-elect, and Saul is off in Saudi Arabia running around like a spy – something we’ve seen him do in a number of dangerous foreign countries now – and raising ethical issues about Israeli settlements and the like. Quinn is waking up slowly to the fact that he can be the man he once was again. I would really appreciate if we could hit fast-forward to when this gets interesting.

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