Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 14 “Facebook Fish Planner Backstage” (B)

Getting John and Joan online couldn’t have gone worse, and I don’t know what could possibly have improved the experience. What proved most entertaining was Jen fielding their questions about where their accounts would be updated, noting right away that everywhere covered every single one of their subsequent queries. Greg got in the zone and didn’t pay much attention to the fact that they kept coming to Jen for help, stopping by her office in the middle of the day with a supposed emergency because Greg was hanging out in the garage coming up with his next idea. Inviting everyone, including Greg’s ex-girlfriend and Joan’s doppelganger, to brunch by accident was a crucial moment in the life of their social media accounts to tell them that they needed to slow down. Heather trying to revive a dead fish to keep her bond with her daughter strong was a sweet effort, and the most worthwhile part of that whole plotline was Tim saying it was okay to let them die sometimes with a terrified patient in his room. Colleen and Matt’s wedding plans are a mess since they’re both so intent on not repeating past romantic decisions, and hiring a funeral home director was probably their first mistake. I’m sure they’ll find happiness eventually. Tim breaking famous musicians’ instruments backstage at a concert wasn’t the strongest of concepts, but it was fun to see him try to bond with a very angry Samantha who wasn’t responding well to being broken up with by a boy who didn’t even invite her to his bar mitzvah.

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