Sunday, February 17, 2019

Pilot Review: Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers (TBS)
Premiered February 12 at 10:30pm

I watch every pilot, and it’s a rare pleasure that one is truly enjoyable enough that I know I’m going to continue watching it. After enjoying a clever vision of the afterlife on “The Good Place” for three years, it’s fun to encounter a different version of the world above with none other than Steve Buscemi as God, who has become complacent and outright bored, to the point that he’s willing to trade not destroying Earth to watch someone eat a worm in public. I was always a fan of “Bruce Almighty” and thought that having Jim Carrey acquire God’s powers was a blast, and this show is a much grimmer but equally funny look at how things might function and explain the state of the world today. I enjoyed Buscemi’s God rewinding the video interview of a deceased racer saying “Praise God” so that he could hear it over and over again, and then complaining that people didn’t sacrifice rams to him anymore even though it grossed him out. The departments are an entertaining premise, and I like that Daniel Radcliffe’s Craig has gone stir-crazy trying to very, very slowly answer some people’s prayers. Though spunky do-gooder Eliza has convinced Craig that he can do more with his time than just small natural phenomena, it’s good to see things grounded by the unfortunate inevitabilities like the man they helped find his second glove turning out to be the Shotgun Killer. I’m very pleased with this start and eager to see where the next six episodes go.

How will it work as a series? The bet is on, and I assume we’ll follow events slowly through their little television screens as Eliza and Craig try to find clever ways to intervene and shape events in the way they need to go to save Earth. I’m looking forward to seeing how God starts to care about the people that he’s been ignoring for so many years.
How long will it last? It’s possible that it’s intended only to be a one-season show running seven episodes, and though reviews weren’t quite as formidable as mine, I think that it’s been well-received enough that it could continue beyond that. TBS has made some questionable programming decisions lately, but I’d bet that this one can go for two seasons.

Pilot grade: B+

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