Friday, February 1, 2019

What I’m Watching: Narcos: Mexico

Narcos: Mexico: Season 1, Episode 9 “881 Lope de Vega” (B+)

I don’t want to read a summary of this episode to confirm what the last scene means because I’m trying to avoid spoilers, and with just one hour left in this season, I can wait to find out what happened to Kiki. This installment got us back to using archive footage and real-life news that helps this show to have even more of an impact, showing what actually happened and how close this series can (sometimes) be to that. Mika dreaming that Kiki had returned to her was an alarming way to start the hour, and he endured quite a bit of misery being tortured for the information that he wasn’t going to give up. Jaime, unlike all of the corrupt bureaucracy he’s encountered in Mexico, didn’t waste any time in taking his concerns to the highest authorities, making noise to try to get something accomplished in finding Kiki. Getting so close to Rafa only to see him misidentified as someone else and allowed to take off was a crippling blow, and it took much longer for the Costa Ricans to agree to help bring him in after the trip that was presumably given by Miguel, who had his parting phone call with his brother, well aware of the fate he was sentencing him to. Rafa’s downfall has been a long time coming, and he outlasted the eventuality of it by much longer than I had expected. It was good to see some familiar faces from the DEA back in Mexico to help with the search for Kiki, but, the fear still remains that their arrival was too late.

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