Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 1, Episode 4 “295” (B-)

This episode was considerably more focused than the previous three were, clearly following one narrative with a few separate threads for the course of the half-hour and not stopping to indulge too much in the wild behavior of any character. The transformation of Blair into a mini-Mo was quickly conveyed early on, and both Mo and Dawn seemed to be a bit less horrible while they were cozying up to him, competing over whose strategy to win Tiff back would actually work. I’m glad to see that there was an unintended consequence of all this, which is that both Dawn and Blair have apparently developed feelings for each other, which may have been conceived of under false pretenses but are nonetheless quite real. Something tells me that the one thing which might actually bother the rather deplorable Tiff is the thought of Blair actually having sex with another woman, so let’s hope that the kiss that Mo witnessed was the extent of it. Mo came closer to having to deal with a plan with gone wrong than he ever has before when he almost had to amputate one of his fingers in front of the Yakuza, and that digit was saved just in time by his hapless underlings who didn’t bother to take his orders seriously when he first gave them, a mistake they’re not likely to make again given the punishment he’s going to dole out to them. If there’s one thing he doesn’t do, it’s forget the people who have caused him any sort of misfortune or mild discomfort.

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