Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Round Two: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 1, Episode 2 “364” (B)

In its second outing, this show wasn’t quite as visually affronting as the first half-hour, but its content was still highly excessive. Mo having the man he wants to make a movie about him follow him around to get background details about his life shows just how big his ego is, if that wasn’t readily apparent already. Mo wasn’t too subtle about his master plan with Blair, though he’s not likely to catch on anytime soon, even if he did figure out a clever way to deal with the problem that came from Keith trying to prank him. It was Keith’s own fault for doing it, but this was just a demonstration that Blair is the only good person working in this industry at all, with Tyler somehow seeming worse than Keith, who responded to criticism of his joke about the Holocaust with another joke. The rest of the episode was much more devoted to Mo and Dawn, whose relationship is obviously close, to the point of a long-standing affair that now got revealed in a way that she didn’t want. Dawn clearly puts up with a lot from Mo, and she wasn’t about to do that in this installment, quitting before he tried to fire her and then making a whole bunch of demands in order to be rehired. They both pulled dirty tricks when it was clear that her counsel would be treated as gospel by the client, with Mo having all of the clothes she had bought that day delivered at the most in opportune moment and Dawn suggesting that the man call his deceased wife so that he would react very badly to anything he said after that. Pretending to call her right as she walked in was the funniest moment, and it’s scary to think what the two of them can accomplish when they’re both aiming for the same goal.

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