Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 4, Episode 13 “I Have to Get Out” (B-)

This episode took some very far-fetched turns as it went on, and I much preferred the early musical number that was extremely reminiscent of “La La Land” as Rebecca embraced the benefits of medication as sung to her by Dr. Akopian and a number of other patients who could only say generic names for legal reasons. I thought that the twin brother doctors were actually the same person, and it seems very clear that the one who has a sense of humor doesn’t actually comprehend what’s funny. Paula not getting signed out by the doctor in time to take the bar was a predictable development that didn’t need to lead to a jailbreak operation that somehow resulted in her getting to the test and returning without anyone noticing or her putting her health at risk. Rebecca’s drug-induced sleepiness was also awfully convenient, and I’m glad that she just took her visit to the morgue as symbolic rather than spend too much time down there. The boy with the extremely contagious cough really managed to run amok, and his energy level was helpful only for the two girls who previously hated each other when they realized that they wanted to set their parents up. I knew I recognized actress Maribeth Monroe, who plays April, from somewhere, and I’m glad to see that the portrayer of Mindy St. Clair from “The Good Place” will now be appearing on this show. Josh realizing that Greg had been back in town and not let him know led to a humorous awkward kung fu fighting montage, with Nathaniel just standing by without a clue what to do. If Greg and Rebecca aren’t going to be together, why can’t Josh end up with her? The only problem is that Nathaniel seems just as interested by that unexpected opening.

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