Saturday, February 16, 2019

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 3, Episode 12 “Songbird Road: Part Two” (B)

It sure seems like Rebecca knew a lot about the parental figures absent from her children’s lives and didn’t tell them, always sitting down to talk about the secret goings-on she doesn’t want to discuss in front of them. Nicky was not particularly kind to Rebecca in his takedown of Kevin as a movie star who wanted to have a great story to tell by saving his uncle, and it’s clear that so many years away from society and being shunned as an embarrassment by his brother have made it difficult for him to function around other people. The most regrettable part of the entire affair is seeing what Kevin failing to pull off the incredible feat that his father could have did to him, prompting him to drink again and sink back into the depression he was experiencing before this hopeful reunion took over his every thought. Let’s hope Rebecca notices and tries to help him before he ends up completely isolated like Nicky, with Zoe already apparently not returning his calls. It was sweet to see Kate and Randall have some time to bond as they reminisced about their sequin fight with Jack, both remembering it in vastly different ways that spoke to Jack’s mental state and his ability to put on a good face in front of his children. Getting let in to their childhood home helped them to realize that it didn’t look at all the same, and it was nice to see Kate return home with ideas of a backyard for her family while Randall is going to have to be more present at home while Beth goes out of town to help her mom.

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