Thursday, February 21, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 12 “Menagerie” (B)

While I’m never a big fan of holiday-themed episodes that aren’t sitcoms, at least this hour was creative in the way that it incorporated Valentine’s Day with an alien killer who literally eats hearts. I felt at some points like I was watching “CSI” with the way that the lines were written, and this episode was so overwhelmed with Kara being miserable that Alex didn’t remember that she was Supergirl. Being the vulnerable one in the relationship definitely changes the dynamic, and Kara showing up as an eager reporter to every crime scene doesn’t exactly seem like a plan that can last all that long. I’d be interesting in following Alex as she enters a new romantic relationship, and maybe Becca, who she ran into at the party, will prove memorable enough to get her back into the dating scene. Having a jewel thief merge with a snake-like alien showed how some villains do embrace the ability to be more powerful and get revenge on those they previously felt had taken advantage of them. Having the Children of Liberty, egged on by Ben Lockwood’s ambitious son, show up to try to kill her while the DEO was always there adds another dimension of how justice should be enforced and executed, a clear and disturbing parallel to white nationalists in today’s America. I don’t think was ever any doubt that Lena was going to work with Haley, and it’s immensely unsettling to see the President act in such an overreaching and discriminatory way. Brainy was hilariously awkward as always while researching Valentine’s Day gifts when Nia told him that him coming to the party was a date, and I love that she decided to don the costume and spring into action as Dreamer to save the day. Now why is Manchester Black back? Is that really what we need?

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