Monday, February 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 11 “The Scales of Justice” (B+)

Much of this episode was over-the-top, but it still worked thanks to the dedication of all five primary cast members. I liked the pairing of Jack and Grace in their efforts to critique each other’s bodies and lose weight after they both ripped their pants, and their physical comedy was at its peak as they dove onto the floor to race for the last crouton that had fallen out of the trash (or something of the sort). Realizing that they can be happy-ish while being in shape-ish was a nice way to end it, though I do hope they’re prone to similar antics in the future as they do tend to be quite entertaining. I recognized Aya Cash right away as one of Will’s students, and if the “You’re the Worst” star had to play any part on this far less risqué comedy (a humorous sentiment given how much this show does push the envelope), I’m glad it’s as Karen’s former stepdaughter, who, during her childhood, got grounded by Karen for not drinking enough. I enjoyed that their rift over the necklace turned into the dramatic case at the center of Will’s happening classroom, resulting in Will’s very judicial conclusion that they just wanted to be in each other’s lives again. While I’d much rather watch Cash as Gretchen on the FXX show that’s ending in just a few weeks, I’d be very happy to learn that she was becoming a recurring player on this show much in the way that Michael Angarano once was as Jack’s son.

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