Thursday, February 28, 2019

Round Two: Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers: Season 1, Episode 2 “13 Days” (B+)

This second installment was a strong follow-up to the first, showing just how bored and easily distracted God is while Eliza tries hard to achieve what she’s confident she’ll be able to in order to save Earth. I’m not sure I’ve ever watched an episode of Bill Maher’s show, but I did see his documentary “Religulous” exposing and mocking extremists across all religions about a decade ago, and so I can understand why God would hate him. I like that, in this vision of the way “upstairs” works, the genitals department can’t actually achieve something like exploding a human’s penis but instead just try to enforce puberty. Accidentally making it bigger and then having it kill him was a moderately amusing chain of events, and it seems that Sanjay has a rather miserable job which in this case ended up with him forced to eat much more food than he even could have wanted without the use of his arms. Eliza and Craig weren’t completely on the same page with the love story they were trying to guide along, and I enjoyed the footage proving that people never pick up on signs with Lincoln seeing crows and black cats yet still opting to enjoy his night at the theater. The matching pollen allergies of their two would-be lovebirds were endearing, and I love that they helped them to notice each other. Spilled coffee and another meet-cute are definitely going to complicate things, but it would be too easy if everything was resolved by the end of episode two, right?

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