Thursday, February 7, 2019

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 5, Episode 4 “What Money?” (B+)

This show truly has no filter, presenting its opening scene with no hint of subtlety or insinuation. Gretchen’s eagerness to have Jimmy try something for her sake wasn’t nearly as strong as his apparent taste for it, which was entertaining to see and still feels weird to be writing about so bluntly here. It barely took any time for anyone who got a sense of the money that Jimmy had been paid to show up trying to ask him for things, and I cherished the opportunity to see Becca and Vernon again, neither of whom made a particularly good pitch and ended up with Jimmy holding something over them instead. Paul wasn’t trying to milk him for anything but did instead warn him about telling Gretchen since she had previously tried to open multiple credit cards in his name. I like that she ultimately didn’t care about the money but was so thrilled about the ribbon on her new car, right before we got that dismal closing shot theoretically set in the future of Jimmy showing up to the house being in escrow. I don’t have much to say about Edgar’s boss tracking down his grandmother to prove she wasn’t sick, but he’s obviously very stuck in an increasingly problematic situation. I enjoyed seeing Sam’s dejected reaction to Gretchen throwing them a carnival to break the news that she was no longer representing them, and who would have thought that Lindsay, who confused the words paleontologist and publicist, would actually be much better than Gretchen ever has been at her job because she has no shame? In my favorite TV trope of characters who never interact having the opportunity to do so, I love that Sam wanted to hear more from Vernon about his idea to convert a Korean meatball truck into a roving medical unit. Let’s hope that’s the basis for the spinoff of this show that we won’t get.

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