Thursday, February 28, 2019

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 5, Episode 7 “Zero Eggplants” (B+)

It’s fun when this show brings in guest stars, and even more worthwhile to me when they get to interact with the main characters instead of following their own separate narrative. In this case, I was pleased to recognize both of the actors involved. Janina Gavankar, who previously appeared on “True Blood” and more recently in “Blindspotting,” played Rachel, and Timm Sharp, from “Enlightened” and “The New Romantic” was Quinn. I was worried for a while that they were going to be pulling a con of some sorts, but you have to remember that this show is about Gretchen and Jimmy being terrible people. Jimmy’s suggestion of an act that could put their relationship back on equal footing didn’t bode well for him at all when Gretchen latched on to the idea and seemed utterly uninterested in talking about anything else until he made good on his offer. It seemed inevitable that he was going to choose Quinn as the man to help him fulfill the deed, and it was decently entertaining to watch him squirm along the way. Gretchen opened up to Rachel in a big way, and therefore it was both troubling and expected to see her tank the relationship in a finite way by reframing what had happened and causing some serious drama. We’re not too far from the series finale at this point, and I’m all for other episodes like this that allow our characters to discover more about themselves by meeting others that reflect their best and, more likely, worst traits.

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