Friday, March 1, 2019

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 2, Episode 7 “Little Louse on the Prairie” (B)

Andrea definitely got angry over the course of this episode, but it didn’t feel quite as strong or entertaining as some previous installments. Getting lice led to her making many, many jokes about the multitude of creatures living in her hair, only a few of which truly landed, which Andrea knew well as she was making them. Mike rolled his eyes just as he usually does, trying to get past some of the very unromantic voices she put on in the heat of the moment while kindly reminding her that she did need to watch where she put her head. I was happy to see June Diane Raphael, a standout supporting player from “Grace and Frankie,” here as Andrea’s wild friend who always hijacks their joint birthday in a way that makes Andrea feel extremely unfulfilled and, in this case, fall off the toilet out onto the floor of the bathroom. That moment was full of much more physical discomfort and embarrassment than Andrea is used to since that usually comes from her the words she says instead, and she didn’t dwell on that nearly as much as she did on the lice, which was a bit disappointing since I think that could have led to some humorous follow-up scenes. I’m finding that I prefer the writing scenes Andrea shares with Jason Mantzoukas’ Kyle to the ones she shares with Scott Aukerman’s Rob, though it feels a lot like Mantzoukas won’t be back anytime soon and that we’ll be stuck with the other guy instead.

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