Friday, March 8, 2019

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 1, Episode 6 “122” (B-)

I understand that this show is supposed to be over-the-top, but that projectile vomit scene felt like way too much to me, especially considering the horrific color and the way that his family didn’t even seem too fazed by it. Keith was extraordinarily selfish in his demand that his boyfriend skip celebrating out with his friends and instead come back to his place on the night of his big show, and therefore it was a big statement for him to show up without his toupee in a sign of nothing but support for the man he loves. He’s not questioning his sexuality while Blair definitely is, stopping to look at Tiff, Dawn, and a male waiter during his big speech after he got far too drunk at the engagement party. Tiff’s mispronounced suggestion of “You’re a gay” as their honeymoon destination and Blair’s reaction to it was particularly telling. What I can’t understand is why Mo wasn’t displeased with the guys he pranked showing up fearing for their freedom after he pranked them into thinking they had killed someone, but I think that’s because he just doesn’t care, and his big con is about getting Blair to sign over Tiff’s shares, not impressing her racist parents. Spencer heard all the things he shouldn’t at the party, and being the one to tell Dawn that Mo as just stringing her along to let her go and screw her over isn’t going to help them get back to a good place. The most important development came at the very end of the episode and might have been glossed over by a distracted Blair – Mo using the same actor to play a cop at the party as he did to get Blair right where he wanted him in the very first episode.

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