Sunday, March 17, 2019

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 2, Episode 2 “Slow Down, Children at Play” (B)

I think we can all agree that things on this show would be a lot easier for everyone if Leslie was no longer around. I don’t think that Ruby would have pulled the trigger while Annie almost certainly would have, but, as usual, it’s Beth who was in charge and made the decision that they couldn’t kill him. She’s always been the most resourceful and put-together of the group, and while it’s not clear what Rio means when he says he’s going to train her, at least she’s not being punished but instead brought closer to his vision of the world. Dean definitely went back to work very early, and it’s hard to decide whether he’s more useless there or at home griping about the stolen stop sign. I did forget to mention that Leslie had proposed to Mary Pat, the only character anywhere near as insufferable as him, last week, and now he’s trying to get that commitment cemented in his typical unbearable way. He doesn’t deserve $20,000, but he’s also already demonstrated that he’s not going to keep to the terms he agreed to in exchange for the money. Ruby and Stan going to a priest to discuss her metaphorical affair wasn’t the worst thing, and it’s good to see that the one stable couple on this show is approaching reconciliation. I can’t understand why Annie was at the gender-reveal party for Greg and Nancy, and what a way for Nancy to find out about Greg and Annie after she truly connected with Annie.

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