Sunday, March 17, 2019

What I’m Watching: SMILF

SMILF: Season 2, Episode 7 “Smile More If Lying Fails” (B)

This show was actually cancelled before this episode aired, a likely consequence of reports of problematic behavior by star and creator Frankie Shaw on set. As I’ve mentioned throughout this season, I’m not too sad to see the show go, though I now feel like I may as well stick with it through the final three episodes. It doesn’t change my perspective to know that the show won’t be continuing since I feel like most of these episodes are relatively self-contained anyway, if they’re even related to the primary plot of the show. We haven’t seen Eliza in a while, which made the focus on her in this half-hour a bit puzzling, but it did help to show yet another situation in which Bridgette doesn’t understand how she’s behaving. Finding out that she wouldn’t be invited to Rafi and Nelson’s wedding was a huge blow given how excited she was to attend rather than devastated to learn of the impending union, and her question about whether Larry would be invited didn’t help the situation at all. Bridgette’s corn rows did manage to make people uncomfortable, and telling the narrative about how Rafi had proposed to her was particularly painful because she left the fact that she said no long before until the very end. I immediately recognized Gary Anthony Williams, who stars on “I’m Sorry,” as Philip, who was quite enthusiastic but not too interested in talking to Bridgette. The date at the end of the episode was mostly going well, and as if Bridgette texting during the “bad sex” wasn’t rude enough, she had to go and send it to him, making the night a true misfire.

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