Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 2, Episode 8 “Sophie’s Choice” (B+)

Title aside, this episode was actually a hit, in no small part thanks to the spotlight given to Allison Tolman, who we haven’t seen as Jennifer since last season and who has struggled to find a follow-up role worthy of her talents after her fantastic debut on “Fargo.” The divorced Jennifer just wanted to be able to hang out with a friend as if everything was normal, displaying more enthusiasm and energy at some points that Andrea. The best scene of this episode came during the cooking class when Jennifer was all too willing to interject in the very public fight between the neighboring couple and confirm, with no actual knowledge, that the wife was indeed having an affair with Bob before bluntly offering to have sex with her husband as revenge. I’m not sure we’ll see any more of her and that plotline, but at least it served as a positive impetus for Andrea to try to get into the role play that she’s hilariously bad at, which of course was quickly interrupted by her mood-killing recorded smoke alarm. Her comment to a disappointed Mike that comedy-wise, things couldn’t have gone better was the true epitome of her eager awkwardness. Running into Jennifer’s husband Scott with Mike while once again shopping for some reason at Los Angeles kosher supermarket Cambridge Farms was definitely a letdown for Andrea, who heaped friendliness on him rather than the biting disdain she so desperately wanted to express and failed so miserably to convey.

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