Monday, March 4, 2019

Take Three: Miracle Workers

Miracle Workers: Season 1, Episode 3 “12 Days” (B)

This episode veered into slightly sillier territory, with all of the time that God spent on the toilet after drinking a number of pressed juices, Sanjay being profiled as such a game changer when he wasn’t actually doing much, and a truly exaggerated personality threatening to derail Eliza’s ambitious bet. The idea that God doesn’t know what a microwave is and can’t understand how it works does explain why some things have happened in the world the way that they have, and Steve Buscemi does handle the absurdity of it all well, making it as believable as it could be. Sanjay is definitely irritating, and while he knows what to do in a crisis and will work well with Eliza, you’d think that she’d be a bit more aware that bringing him in is clearly making Craig anxious. I imagine that his involvement won’t last long, though he does seem to be a bit more ready to help Eliza make things happen, and at least he knows that he has to disengage the safety before using the joystick. It took me a minute to recognize John Reynolds, who plays the infinitely less self-assured Drew on “Search Party,” as Mason, whose tackiness and movie script lines managed to temporarily impress Laura to the point that she was ready to go to China with him and have him stay with her when the airport was closed indefinitely. I like that Sanjay knew exactly what to do to expose him, and that meltdown was pretty fantastic. It’s going to take a while, but maybe things with Laura and the sheet-challenged Sam will work out after all.

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