Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 2, Episode 9 “Miss Diana Ross” (B+)

I like the way that this episode played out, particularly in the continuation of the teacher sex dream plotline that’s been occupying most of the conversation between Andrea and everyone she knows for a while now. Copying him on an e-mail she sent to Mike joking about the amount of time that he lasts and how they’re working on it was a horrendous and easily avoidable misstep, but the best part was how he responded to it, reporting on how long he actually lasts and making class-related jokes with her. Somehow, that was less objectionable to both Andrea and Mike than their babysitter using the term “front tushie.” You’d think that Brian would have suggested some of his great babysitter options ahead of time rather than let Andrea squirm, since he devoted considerably more attention to coming up with ways to make fun of her forever as a result of all of her actions. Andrea’s mom continues to make nearly as many inappropriate comments as her daughter, but at least she understands what she’s doing as opposed to her completely clueless dad who is not aware of societal norms at all. You do have to wonder how Andrea got to be how she is, someone who took so much delight in Mike uttering a rare curse word while they were sitting in bed together. Things got plenty awkward with neighbor Shorts again, but most of that was Andrea’s doing and her incredible ability to completely shut down when she has to deal with the important rather than comedic confrontations in her life.

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